I can do it!

Oh hey! So guess what I discovered? My hair is long enough to wrap!!! Yay! YES, I may be a tad bit over excited but oh well. I always used to wrap my hair at night instead of putting it in a ponytail. I feel like my ends are better protected this way. Since cutting […]

Im Back!!!

It has been FOREVER!!! But I’ve decided to make a comeback and give a brief update. Sooo after working so hard to keep my hair long and healthy, I chopped it all off. Yes, I went for a pixie cut on 07/04/2013. I had a lot going on at the time and just really needed […]

New business venture!

Soooo I am officially a consultant for Pure Romance!!! Feels pretty damn good to say I own and operate Pure Romance by Shaniqua :). For those who don’t know, Pure Romance is a company devoted to empowering, educating, and entertaining women. I will be doing in home parties where I’ll do a demo of several […]