I can do it!

I can do it!

Oh hey! So guess what I discovered? My hair is long enough to wrap!!! Yay! YES, I may be a tad bit over excited but oh well. I always used to wrap my hair at night instead of putting it in a ponytail. I feel like my ends are better protected this way. Since cutting my hair, I’ve just been throwing my silk scarf on it. And yes, I will admit that I did some major slacking when it comes to moisturizing and sealing. Which is why I’m getting back on track.

Let’s rewind a little. This is how long my hair was the day I got it cut…  Am I crazy for chopping off all my hard work? I’d say so. Maybe even insane. But I got it there before and I can get it there again. How did I do it? Moisturizing and sealing, wapping my hair every night, and getting trims as needed. Anyway, being able to wrap my hair again is a huge milestone for me. I will say it is a little weird combing down such short hair because the back section doesnt really lay down. It kind of goes whichever way I wrapped it. Ah well, it’s a start :).

SO, enough about length. Let’s talk about health! In all honesty, my hair is in a decent state. Not damaged but certainly not as good as before. The front is fine but the back is VERY dry. This is all thanks to me neglecting to moisturize. I really don’t see how the front is doing so well (not complaining though). In my mind, I barely had any ends, so I didnt need to moisturize right? WRONG! Had I been moisturizing and sealing every night my hair may have been a little longer than it is now. And it would definitely have been much healthier. I need to get it together!


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