Relaxer update!


I know I’m a couple of days late BUT here is how my relaxer came out. It came out great if I do say so myself. If you’ve seen my last post,  you will notice that my hair is surely growing back. Its been almost four months and I can now curl the hair at my nape ( it was cut all the way down). Also, the hair on the sides was cut to the top of my ear and now it comes past the ear when straight or curled.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. I used my favorite relaxer ORS, deep conditioned with the replenishing pack, and moisturized with Olive Oil moisturizer. I usually use Elasta QP but I don’t have any on hand. Either way, it got the job done. I literally JUST finished flat ironing so hopefully I wont have to for a few days.

Moving forward, I want to go back to flat ironing once a week. I highly doubt that, but hey, a girl can dream right? Please don’t kill my vibe lol. I will definitely be washing and deep conditioning once a week. Instead of using Tresseme shampoo and V05 conditioner, ill be using a combination of Hello Hydration and Suave Almond and Shea butter shampoos / conditioners. Hello hydration is my all time favorite conditioner, and I used Suave when my hair was natural. So both are at the top of my list. All I’m missing is my hooded dryer which is at my mom’s house. Hi Mom :). Anyway, ill be making a trip to the beauty supply store this weekend. I’m in DESPERATE need of Elasta Qp moisturizer, coconut oil, castor oil, and whatever else I can find. Until next time!!


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