L4LPSC Check in #2


Well that’s two months down! I will admit that this month I wore a bun literally EVERY day, except for the day after I got my relaxer. After 13 weeks I was loving my hair way too much to put it up. Anyway, I corrected my under processed hair and I have seen a HUGE decrease in shedding. Thank God!

This challenge has been a miracle for my hair. After the whole fiasco with the salon ending my natural hair journey and having to cut some damage off, I went into tlc overdrive. I’ve been moisturizing and sealing daily, washing and conditioning weekly, and finally started using a leave-in that I like.


I also got a hooded dryer a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The first time I used it was on February 23rd after my relaxer and my hair had so much body. It practically fried the tips of my ears off but it was worth it.


Today is wash day and I’ll be wearing a flexi rod set this week. Yesterday I bought Organics Hair Mayonnaise to use as a deep conditioner so I’ll be trying that out today.


Over all I am SO happy with my hair. I am retaining a lot of length and it is just healthier in general. One more month to go!


4 thoughts on “L4LPSC Check in #2

  1. I love your progress and I’m so happy you’ve found the challenge helpful! I hate having “hot ears” while sitting under the dryer so I have lil plastic ear cover protectors. I found them in my local BSS but you can order them online as well for like $2. They make dryer time so much more pleasant!

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