Challenge Update!

So we’re about a month into the challenge and i’d say its going pretty well. I was planning to do a different style every week but that was an epic fail lol. I had no issues finding styles, finding time to do them is the problem. So I have been doing buns almost every day, making sure to put it in a different spot each time. I’m ten weeks post now and I haven’t used any heat in about seven weeks or so. I also haven’t had my hair down at all during the challenge. This week, I took an old flexi rod set, combed it out and pinned it up. I love it! This set came out way better than my first one, but I fell asleep on it so it only lasted the day I did it lol. So this is what it originally looked like…


And this is what it looks like now…


One of my new favorite styles =)


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