New glasses!

It took me almost five years but I finally went back to the eye doctor. There really isn’t much difference between the two pairs. The main thing is that the new ones are red. I figured I needed some color in my life! I still have my trusty black ones though, mainly because I don’t take my glasses off at night so I use those. Now I just have to make sure I don’t wait another four years to go back! Now, on to my hair. I’ve just been wearing it in a bun lately, making sure I put it in a different spot each time. That way there wont be too much tension on any particular place. Friday makes nine weeks since I got a relaxer. Lets just say my roots are getting a little thick! But its okay, I know I can make it to twelve weeks. Once I get there I might want to go a few more, you never know with me. Other than that everything is the same. I still haven’t used any heat and I’m planning to keep that up. I MAY start doing roller sets but definitely no direct heat until its time to do my length check in April. Until next time =)


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