Hair of the week


So here my first protective style of the challenge. The front was easy, but the back on the other hand… Let’s just say that I had some trouble braiding from bottom to top on my larger than average size head lol. Anyway, after I finally got over that hurdle, I put all of the braids in a ponytail and then a bun. Next week I’ll most likely have another bun, but at some point I’ll be doing box braids. At least that will last me at least four weeks. To get ready for this style, I did everything I usually do. I washed my hair with the Nutrine Garlic Shampoo and I conditioned it, except this time I used V05. I meant to grab Strawberries and Cream but I got Champagne kiss by accident. Lucky for me it smells good. Also, I love the way the conditioner made my hair feel. I always think that the more expensive something is, the better. WRONG! This conditioner cost me $1.29 and its great! I will be keeping some around from now on.



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