L4L Protective Styling Challenge!

So I’ve already mentioned that I wanted to participate in this challenge. The time has come! Basically, I will be wearing protective styles for three months, 01/07/13 – 04/15/13. I’ll have a total of seven days to wear my hair out and I’m allowed ONE heat pass.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing a lot of buns but I would like to do a different style every week… we’ll see lol.

The whole point of me doing this challenge is that I want to retain length and thickness. I’ve been doing good so far since I’ve gone back to relaxed. My ends are thick and my hair in general is very healthy. I’ve been staying away from heat in preparation for this challenge and its been about three weeks since I used any heat at all. I will also be stretching my relaxer to at least 12 weeks (currently 6 weeks post). There’s just one thing. When I got my first relaxer after being natural for almost two years, the front of my hair was under processed. The back is completely straight but the front looks like I just did a texturizer. I have nothing against people who texlax but that’s not the look I’m going for. So when I do my next one, I will be doing the ends of the front of my hair as well.

Anyway, here is my current length.




Hopefully I can retain some length and keep my hair nice, thick and most important, HEALTHY!



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