4 weeks post relaxer


Check out my new growth!!! I guess I’m doing something right! And what makes it even better, its easy to manage. I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve been natural and I know how to manage it, or because of all the TLC. Could be both. Either way I’m happy! Tonight I will be doing the GHE in preparation for wash day tomorrow. This time I will be using EVOO and EVCO. I didn’t do it last week so I’m definitely looking forward to it! I’ll be using the Nutrine Garlic Shampoo and Conditioner again, still trying to combat this MAJOR shedding, and I’ll be doing a protein treatment. I have no idea what style I’m going to do for the week. My flexi rod set lasted me a total of two days. But that was my fault. I fell asleep without wrapping it up and woke up to flat hair on one side. So I ended up going back to my usual bun. I loved how soft my hair felt though! It definitely wasnt as stiff as it is when I blow dry it. I’ll probably get some magnetic rollers this weekend and just set my hair that way. That’s the end of my rambling for now!


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