Hair of the week


This is my protective style for the week! I just put five cornrows on each side of my head and put the back in a bun. The middle is in a little pompadour for one reason. I simply CANNOT cornrow that part of my head myself. It always looks like a toddler braided it lol. So to avoid that problem I leave that section alone. I just make sure the ends are tucked away.

And while we’re on the subject of protective styling, I am thinking about participating in Longing 4 Length’s protective styling challenge. Its for three months and basically you have to wear protective styles (duh) and avoid direct heat. Actually, you are only allowed to wear your hear out for a total of seven days, and you are allowed ONE heat pass for the entire challenge… Now the seven day thing I can do, I may even manage less than that. But one time to flat iron!? Lord help me lol. Then again, I made it for a year and a half using absolutely no heat at all so I guess I can make it for three months without flat ironing. I plan to do a lot of buns. Sometimes with the front braided, sometimes not. I’m going to get a pack of Kanekalon hair so I can do a big bun and my ends will be completely covered. Another thing I might consider is doing box braids for about a month. That’s the only type of fake hair I can do. I’m not knocking wigs and weaves, its just not my thing. I was also thinking about flexi rods. The only thing is that I don’t know if that’s considered a protective style or just low manipulation. Let me know! Either way, I will survive… hopefully lol.

Now, on to my shedding issues… Its pissing me off! I’m starting to wonder if this is postpartum shedding. It seems really extreme, and I can’t think of any other reason for it. My daughter is three months old now and this just recently started. I want to say about a month ago. My son is four and I don’t remember having this problem with him. So, I am going to try a black tea rinse this weeked. If this is a hormonal issue then it probably doesn’t matter but its worth a try! Anyone who has dealt with postpartum shedding, PLEASE give me some advice. I can’t take this!!


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