Wash day/ GHE

Today is wash day! I’ll give you the rundown but lets rewind for a minute…

Last night me and my mom did the
greenhouse effect (GHE) for the first time. Basically, we coated our (dry) hair with EVOO, covered it with a shower cap, then covered that with a satin scarf.


I was worried that I wouldn’t trap enough heat with those two. WRONG! When I woke up this morning my hair was damp and there were visible water drops on the shower cap.



I cowashed with some conditioner that I don’t remember the name of. I usually use Tresemme or Herbal Essences but I didn’t have those on hand. Anyway, after I cowashed I deep conditioned using ORS.


I LOVE this conditioner! I left it in for about thirty minutes then rinsed it out in the shower. I air dried my hair until it was about 80% dry, then I blow dried the roots since I was in a rush. I didn’t flat iron it since I didn’t have time, so I threw it in a bun again.

After I got home I flat ironed my hair for the week. My hair has NEVER been this soft after washing. The greenhouse effect was a success and will definitely be a permanent part if my regimen.


6 thoughts on “Wash day/ GHE

  1. And I don’t do GHE and I shampoo wash once a week because I inherited crazy dandruff other than that we pretty much do the same thing. I straighten once a week and just touch up depending on how I slept during the week and I get trims ever 4-6 weeks. I’ve been doing that since spring I guess and its made such a huge difference!

    • That’s great! I think its all about what works for you and it sounds like your hair is doing well. I used to shampoo every week but it was really drying my hair out.

  2. the GHE is now my best friend, it’s helping my hair retain moisture really well. I often apply castor oil on my scalp before putting on the shower cap.

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