A light bulb came on…

Around 5 this morning I had a revelation. While doing my research on healthy hair, I keep seeing the question “How do I make my relaxed hair grow?” The answer? Its been growing all along! If it wasn’t, there would be no new growth to relax (Duh Shaniqua!). The problem is, the ends are NOT being cared for properly and they ARE breaking off as the hair grows.

So how do we solve this problem? Protect those ends and give them some TLC!

– Protective and low manipulation styling is important. Try buns, flexirod sets, phony ponytails, braids, etc. Wigs and weaves are also good if that’s your thing. Any style that keeps your ends up and/ or tucked away is fine. Wearing your hair down all the time will cause the ends to brush against your clothes and break off. I know this from the numerous hairs found on my sweaters o_O.
– Moisturize and seal: I can’t stress this enough!! Dry hair will become brittle and break off. End of discussion!
– Protect your hair during relaxers: Now this one is new to me. Cover the ends of your hair with oils, vaseline, or even neutralizing shampoo before rinsing the relaxer out. It never occurred to me that even though I might not put the perm on the ends of my hair, the chemicals still end up on them during the rinsing / washing stage. I will be using neutralizing shampoo.
– Trim regularly: Trimming is very important. I’ll be the first to admit that I used to HATE trimming because I wanted my hair to be longer. Well, holding on to damaged, split ends will not make your hair any healthier or longer. It can actually cause more damage because it will continue splitting and travel up the hair shaft. And it doesn’t look good either. Perfect example, I thought I was doing something smh. The only thing healthy here is my bang!


Trim those ends!

With that being said, I’m going back to sleep!


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