Hair of the day / regimen planning

Today I decided to wear my hair in a bun.


Why, you ask? Well for one thing, I never knew buns were considered to be a protective style. As we all know, im trying to retain my length. This is what the back currently looks like. I would like to make it to at least BSL.


Another reason, and this is a big one: I can’t stand this hair hanging on my neck and back! Yes, I have a fresh relaxer and I like how it looks when its down. But after being natural for almost two years it will take some getting used to. Right now its annoying -__-.

Anyway, I have been trying to come up with a weekly regimen that I can actually commit to. So far I know that:
– I will be washing my hair once a week, alternating between cowashing and shampooing.
– I’ll also be deep conditioning once a week.
– I will TRY to flat iron once a week, after I wash. I’ve been doing good so far… but that could be because I haven’t gotten a new flat iron yet lol.
– I want to roller set my hair after washing, as opposed to blowdrying.

I don’t have everything I need yet, but I’m working on it. For example, I need hooded dryer and rollers, a flat iron, blow dryer, and some new conditioners and moisturizers. Speaking of which, I’ve been keeping up with moisturizing and sealing every day. I can already see a difference in my ends. After I did the relaxer they felt very rough but they are much softer now. I am liking the progress I see so hopefully I can keep it up!


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