Trying to build a regimen

A healthy hair regimen… what is that!? When my hair was natural I never really had a regimen. I pretty much just winged it and I did well. I certainly didn’t have one while I had a relaxer the first time and my hair paid a major price. This time around I want… no I NEED to do things right. I worked too hard to keep my hair healthy to mess it all up now.

I spent the better part of my day on youtube, getting information about how to keep relaxed hair healthy. One major thing I learned: the same healthy hair practices I used when I was natural apply to relaxed hair. I had no idea that I could still cowash and I am beyond happy! Another big thing for me is that moisturizing and sealing is still very important. I always used to moisturize, but I was under the impression that adding anything extra would weigh my hair down. WRONG! Its time for me to break out my trusty coconut and olive oils and use, in moderation, to seal my hair.

Protective styling is another thing I thought was limited to natural hair. I would wear my hair in box braids occasionally when I was relaxed before but it wasn’t as a protective style. I got them simply because I didn’t feel like doing my hair. I actually heard the term “protective styling” for the first time when I went natural. I am looking forward to wearing buns and other low maintenance styles. Since I spent my day getting some basic info, I’ll spend my night trying to come up with a halfway decent regimen. Wish me luck!


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