My Hair Story

Let me start by saying I have a love hate relationship with my hair. Until the age of 23, I had a relaxer. All through high school I experimented with different colors, not really knowing how to properly take care of my hair.



I bleached, rinsed, and dyed it all the time. On top of all of that I was getting relaxers every 6-8 weeks. I still thought my hair was healthy until I let someone who can’t manage her own hair put a relaxer and color in mine. EPIC FAIL! My hair started coming out in clumps. The worst part is that she completely skipped the crown of my head. SO I ended up getting another relaxer. Little did I know, this would be my last one for 19 months.

In April 2011 my best friend and I started doing research on natural hair. We were both having major issues and just wanted it to be healthy again. So the decision was made. On April 24, 2011, one day after my 23rd birthday I chopped my hair off. For the next 18 months I learned to love my hair and take care of it the way I was supposed to. During that time I used absolutely no heat, and I was proud.

On October 19th, 2012, I decided to go to the salon and get my hair blown out. That was the end of my natural hair journey. My hair came out nice. It looked so full and healthy, until I washed it one week later.


First time using heat in 18 months

While I was washing my hair, I noticed that my roots weren’t curling back up. I also noticed that my hair smelled like I was washing out a perm. I did a deep conditioner in the hopes that it would revert back but it never did.


A few days later I went back to the salon and found out that the girl who washed hair mixed a relaxer into the conditioner. My hair wouldn’t even stay twisted. Since the owner offered to “fix” (according to her) my hair for free, I got a roller set. I also had to cut off about two inches of damage.

Still, my hair kept coming out. It was breaking off where the relaxed hair met the semi-natural hair. So I decided to just go back to relaxed. I just want healthy hair, and I’ve finally realized that relaxed hair can be healthy too. I will be doing different hair challenges and treatments to get back on track. My new journey begins!


2 thoughts on “My Hair Story

  1. She mixed relaxer into the conditioner!!!! OMG! And I can imagine that it was not neutralized at all either??? Oh honey, I am so sorry! Personally I would have bitch slapped her if she did that to me. Right now your hair looks good!

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